Pre-Season football Training

Pre Season Football Training

At Bennion Kearny, we have developed a number of titles that deal, specifically, with pre-season football training. Vasilis Papadakis is one of Greece's top coaches, and has developed a 7 week training programme, comprised of 50 sessions, that has been tested and shown to succeed in the real world. Gary…

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Football Coaching Books Blackboard

Soccer Coaching Books

Bennion Kearny is one of the world’s leading publishers of soccer coaching books. Offering a wide spectrum of titles that cover soccer practice, soccer tactics, sport psychology, coach development, footballing philosophy, youth soccer, and much more, the company has over 25 titles currently available, in both print and eBook formats,…

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Keith West | Book Coming Autumn 2020

"What I take the influence back to, was 'Excerpt from a Teenage Opera', a record in the late 60s, by Keith West that was episodic. That was really the one that was the biggest influence, and then lots of people started doing it. We'd do it a bit, prog-rock did it,…

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Bob Booker celebrating

Bob Booker Playing Statistics

Ever wondered what the great man's playing statistics looked like? League YearClubFullSubsGoals1978-79Brentford211979-80Brentford9361980-81Brentford25171981-82Brentford271141982-83Brentford31861983-84Brentford26341984-85Brentford35371985-86Brentford4471986-87Brentford21987-88Brentford1111988-89Brentford53Sheffield U2621989-90Sheffield U38481990-91Sheffield U191031991-92Sheffield U84Brentford14221992-93Brentford12  3136656 FA Cup YearClubFullSubsGoals1978-79Brentford1979-80Brentford1980-81Brentford311981-82Brentford21982-83Brentford211983-84Brentford11984-85Brentford211985-86Brentford11986-87Brentford1987-88Brentford11988-89Brentford Sheffield U41989-90Sheffield U421990-91Sheffield U1991-92Sheffield UBrentford1992-93Brentford  1861 FL Cup YearClubFullSubsGoals1978-79Brentford1979-80Brentford1980-81Brentford21981-82Brentford21982-83Brentford311983-84Brentford311984-85Brentford21985-86Brentford4 1986-87Brentford2 1987-88Brentford21988-89Brentford11Sheffield U1989-90Sheffield U21990-91Sheffield U111991-92Sheffield UBrentford1992-93Brentford211  2471 FL Group Cup YearClubFullSubsGoals1978-79Brentford1979-80Brentford1980-81Brentford1981-82Brentford1982-83Brentford121983-84Brentford1984-85Brentford1985-86Brentford1986-87Brentford1987-88Brentford1988-89BrentfordSheffield U1989-90Sheffield U1990-91Sheffield U1991-92Sheffield UBrentford1992-93Brentford  120 Associate Members Cup YearClubFullSubsGoals1978-79Brentford1979-80Brentford1980-81Brentford1981-82Brentford1982-83Brentford1983-84Brentford21984-85Brentford621985-86Brentford11986-87Brentford1987-88Brentford1988-89BrentfordSheffield U31989-90Sheffield U1990-91Sheffield U1991-92Sheffield UBrentford1992-93Brentford  1202 Full Members Cup YearClubFullSubsGoals1978-79Brentford1979-80Brentford1980-81Brentford1981-82Brentford1982-83Brentford1983-84Brentford1984-85Brentford1985-86Brentford1986-87Brentford1987-88Brentford1988-89BrentfordSheffield…

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Getting Motivated Towards You

Taken from Chapter 1 of Finding Your Way Back to YOU: A self-help book for women who want to regain their Mojo and realise their dreams! Click on the cover to learn more. * In this chapter we will begin the first steps of your journey towards finding your way…

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Finding Your Way Back to You – Audiobook

Finding Your Way Back to YOU: A self-help book for women who want to regain their Mojo and realise their dreams! is available in audiobook format. Introduction Chapter 1 – Getting Motivated Towards YOU Chapter 2 – Getting Rid of the Old Stuff Chapter 3 – Reality Check, where are…

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The Six Day War – Day 1

An excerpt from: On Monday, the 5th of June 1967, Israel called the bluff of the posturing Arab states at its borders when it launched its air force in the direction of Egypt. In a coordinated attack of exemplary precision, 16 enemy airfields were struck at 8.45 am local time.…

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