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Steer Into The Skid: An 8-Step Guide to Managing Your Cancer Journey

Across the world, tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with the bombshell news of cancer every day. Initial thoughts of 'Why' quickly move on…

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Forgiveness and Divorce

Forgiveness & Divorce: A Step-by-Step Guide using The 15-Minute Rule

Have you been through a divorce, or are you going through one? Do you find that anger, resentment, bitterness, or guilt is blocking your path…

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15 Minute Rule for Forgiveness Book

The 15-Minute Rule for Forgiveness

15-minute amazon

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful and liberating actions a person can take. Whether it is-

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Study Skills Book

How to be a Better Student

Here is a secret. Most top students are not necessarily gifted with superior intellect or extraordinary talent, but rather they are normal people who apply-

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Gut Feeling - Weight Loss Book

Gut Feeling: Why Diets, Exercise, and Shaming have Failed

Gut Feeling Reviews

There is one certainty in the obesity debate – the dominant messages about diet, willpower, and fat-shaming have failed in the last 40 years; in

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Tarot Beginners Guide

Tarot in 5 Minutes: Your Shortcut to Love, Money, and Happiness

Tarot Book Review

Karina Collins is an acclaimed Tarot reader who has helped people, from all walks of life, to better understand their lives’ journeys. Now, she is-

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Presentation Skills

This ebook series uses condensed and curated content from the author’s acclaimed title Awful Presentations: Why We Have Them and How to Put Them Right;…

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NLP Techniques

SuperTraining: Using NLP to Improve Your Training

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – commonly known as NLP – is a method of communication and engagement used widely in the world of business, sport, and personal-development…

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10.4 Interactions | Sales Touch System

10.4 Interactions: How to Develop a Sales Touch System, Guide the Customer Conversation, and Sell with Credibility in B2B Sales

In 2011, Google published research that brought a new term – “Zero Moment of Truth” – to the world’s attention. It derived from a study…

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Awful Presentations - Presentation Skills Book

Awful Presentations: Why We Have Them and How to Put Them Right

Awful Powerpoint Presentations Amazon review

How many awful presentations have you attended? How many have you given? Awful presentations are too often the norm, with swathes of text on-

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Book for mature dating from Cynthia Spillman

From Dinner Date to Soulmate – Cynthia Spillman’s Guide to Mature Dating

From Dinner Date to Soulmate

Are you reaching a more mature stage in life and looking for a new relationship? Are you tentatively returning to the dating arena following the-

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Go Naked: The Credible Expert: How to Stand Out In Medical Sales, Create More Opportunities, And Grow Your Business

Go Naked: The Credible Expert: How to Stand Out In Medical Sales, Create More Opportunities, And Grow Your Business

Go Naked Amazon

The selling environment and role of the sales professional have changed. Forever. Gone are the days when the organisation, the product, or the solutions provided-

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How to have a baby and not lose your shit

How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Shit

Eeh Bah Mum Book - Amazon Rating

So you’re having a baby! Congratulations! Have you started panicking yet? How to Have a Baby and Not Lose your Shit is for women who want to-

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You will Thrive Jag Shoker Book

You Will Thrive: The Life-Affirming Way to Work and Become What You Really Desire

You Will Thrive - Amazon Rating

Have you lost your spark or the passion for what you do? Is your heart no longer in your work or (like so many people) are you simply disillusioned by the frantic race to-

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What Business Can Learn From Sport Psychology

What Business Can Learn From Sport Psychology: Ten Lessons for Peak Professional Performance

What Business Can Learn - Amazon Rating

How are the best athletes in the world able to function under the immense pressure of competition? By harnessing the potential of their minds-

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Tipping The Balance Sport Psychology Book

Tipping The Balance: The Mental Skills Handbook For Athletes [Sport Psychology Training Series]

Tipping The Balance Book Rating

Tipping The Balance offers contemporary evidence-based and highly practical mental strategies that help an athlete to develop the crucial mental skills that enable them to thrive under pressure-


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The 7 Master Moves Jag Shoker

The 7 Master Moves of Success

7 Master Moves - Amazon Rating

One of the most common clichés about success – that it is a journey, not a destination – has concealed one of its most defining qualities. Success really is a dynamic and ever-moving process.

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women self help book

Finding Your Way Back to YOU: A self-help book for women who want to regain their Mojo and realise their dreams!

Finding Your Way Back To You - Amazon Rating

Are you at a crossroads in life, lacking in motivation, looking for a new direction or just plain ‘stuck’? Finding your Way back to YOU is a focused and concise resource written specifically for women who have found themselves in any of the positions above.

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The Footballers Journey

The Footballer’s Journey: real-world advice on becoming and remaining a professional footballer

's Journey - Amazon Rating

Many youngsters dream of becoming a professional footballer. But football is a highly competitive world where only a handful will succeed. Many aspiring soccer players don’t know exactly-

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Dress the 1920s The Great Gatsby

Dress the 1920s: From Flapper Chic to The Great Gatsby

Do you crave The Great Gatsby look? Want to know more about Flapper Girls, get the bobbed hair of Louise Brooks, or indulge in the timeless style of Coco Chanel and Molyneux?

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Coaching For The Zone - Book Cover

Coaching For The Zone: A Practitioner’s Guide to Coaching for Business and Sport

Many people think The Zone is a matter of luck; it either happens or it doesn’t. Because of this they don’t plan for the Zone and when it happens don’t know how to repeat it. In Coaching For The Zone

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Primary School Teacher Survival Guide: An A-Z for the Primary School Teacher

The New Teacher Survival Guide: An A-Z for the Primary School Teacher

As a primary school teacher, you are about to embark on a great adventure – entering a privileged career that is exciting, uplifting, overwhelming and…

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How to sell software | software sales book

Ace the Sale! a Practical Methodology for Selling B2B Enterprise Software, Hardware or Services

Ace The Sale - Amazon Rating

Fed up with wading through the mass of sales training books out there? Ace the Sale! is a no nonsense guide, uniquely written for the busy sales rep.

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I've Got a Stat For You: My Life With Autism - Book

I’ve Got a Stat For You: My Life With Autism

Autism Book - Amazon Rating

At the age of four, Andrew Edwards was diagnosed with autism. “Go home and watch Rain Man,” the specialist told his mother. “In all probability your son will be institutionalised.”

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Just Carry On Breathing - Suicide Survival Book

Just Carry On Breathing: A Year Surviving Suicide and Widowhood

Just Carry On Breathing Suicide Bereavement Book - Amazon Rating

Gary Marson’s world collapsed in seconds when he returned home from work to find his wife – Louise – a gifted and much-loved doctor, had taken her life at the age of just 40.

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Academic Skills Training Book

The Academic Weight Room: Strengthen Your Academic Skill Set

The Academic Weight Room is a new book for college-level students, as well as older and returning students, which offers a clear set of strategies and routines for overcoming classroom challenges.

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