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B2B Sales book

B2B Sales Strategy | Unique Offering

An excerpt from 10.4 Interactions DEMONSTRATING YOUR UNIQUE OFFERING Our offer becomes compelling when we create the desire for change KEEP THE PRODUCT IN THE BAG If I think back to my time learning to sell, there was one tactic that we were always told to rely on. ‘Get the…

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self-help books for women

Self-help books for women

In today’s world, there seems to be a plethora of advice on every subject from a thousand-and-one resources. Self-help has exploded across blogs, personal websites, Facebook groups, and beyond. Yet, one format is still the gold standard when it comes to meaningful, coherent, properly-researched, and genuinely helpful information for self-improvement.…

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Energy Vampire

Energy Vampires

[This excerpt is from Finding Your Way Back to YOU] Click on the cover to learn more As touched upon in the Introduction, there will be certain people in your life who constantly drain you of energy, and who put you instantly into a negative mood when in their company.…

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