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Water Street

Liverpool 1863. The American Civil War comes to the British Empire’s second city and the world’s richest port. Confederate Commander Banastre X. Dunwoody has a…

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Bernard Shevlin Short Stories

10-Minute Treats: Seventeen Short Stories

10-minute short stories

Diverse, stimulating, and wonderfully succinct, 10-Minute Treats is a compelling collection of 17 short stories from debutant author Bernard Shevlin. Covering genres including Crime, Science Fiction-

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The Hidden Whisper Parapsychology Book Cover

The Hidden Whisper

The Hidden Whisper Amazon

A paranormal puzzle smoulders in the desert heat of southern Arizona. At the home of Jack and Chloe Monroe-

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Definitions Book Cover


Definitions - Amazon Rating

No one believes that a young woman has been kidnapped, except for her estranged sister. Fighting past mistakes and present dangers, Charley must use her sister Gina’s dictionary of custom definitions-

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We Want The World: Jim Morrison, The Living Theatre and the FBI

We Want The World: Jim Morrison, The Living Theatre and the FBI

“I’ve always been attracted to ideas that were about revolt against authority… I like ideas about breaking away or overthrowing of established order. It seems to be the road toward freedom.”

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