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Book Category: History

City of London Churches: The Visitor’s Guide to

In this informative and concise guide to the churches of the City of London – the heart of the sprawling London metropolis known affectionately as…

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Walking Barefoot: The Tilonia Way

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of multi-award-winning Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan, this book brings together many of the articles published worldwide about Barefoot for the…

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Put It On The Windowsill by Marcia Brennan

Put It On The Windowsill: An Italian-American Family Memoir

Put It On the Windowsill

The Italian-American family is a unique and wonderful cultural entity. From the bond between generations, to collective responses to adversity, to its overwhelming love of-

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British Women Artists cover

British Women Artists: A Biographical Dictionary of 1,000 Women Artists in the British Decorative Arts

British Women Artists

This comprehensive volume presents the biographies of 1,000 women who were active in the British decorative arts over the last few centuries. Some of these-

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Italianità: The Essence of Being Italian and Italian-American

Whether we hail from Napoli or New York, Bari or Boston, Poughkeepsie or Palermo, there is a special quality that binds us – Italiani nel Mondo –

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Israel and Palestine Book

Israel and Palestine: The Complete History [2019 Edition]

In July 2018, Israel’s Knesset approved the Nation-State Bill, a controversial piece of legislation, both at home and abroad, which declared Israel a sovereign state

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Wolfram Wars: Exposing The Secret Battle in Portugal

Wolfram Wars: Exposing The Secret Battle in Portugal

Wolfram Wars - Amazon Rating

Wolfram – also known as Tungsten – is about more than electric light bulbs. Its more deadly claim-to-fame rests in its armour-piercing qualities. During WWII-

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FIFA Football Video Game Book

FIFA Football: The Story Behind The Video Game Sensation

FIFA - Amazon Review

EA’s most beautiful game – the FIFA series – has proved a global success. It has sold a record-breaking number of copies, garnered numerous plaudits and awards, and established-

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Voices from the Explosion: RAF Fauld, the World's Largest Accidental Blast, 1944

Voices from the Explosion: RAF Fauld, the World’s Largest Accidental Blast, 1944

Voices From The Explosion - Amazong Rating

The story, told for the first time from eyewitness accounts, of the world’s largest manmade pre-nuclear explosion. It happened at R.A.F. Fauld bomb store-

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A Multitude of Fins Fishing Book

A Multitude of Fins: A Recent History of Fly Fishing for Trout

Question: What's the pastime that has similarities with sex and religion, needs crafty plans and downright cunning, reeks of desperation and death, turns grown men…

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Dress the 1920s The Great Gatsby

Dress the 1920s: From Flapper Chic to The Great Gatsby

Do you crave The Great Gatsby look? Want to know more about Flapper Girls, get the bobbed hair of Louise Brooks, or indulge in the timeless style of Coco Chanel and Molyneux?

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Churchill versus Hitler Book Cover

Churchill versus Hitler: War of Words

Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill clashed for years in public as their opinions of each other and feuding helped determine the course of the Second World War. As diplomatic and military episodes unfolded-

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Steel and Grace Book Cover

Steel and Grace: Sheffield’s Olympic Track and Field Medallists

There is a British city that has produced some of the most exceptional individuals to ever grace the Olympic Games. A city that has developed…

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AKs and Lollipops: Inside The Syrian Conflict

AKs and Lollipops: Inside The Syrian Conflict

AKs and Lollipops - Amazon Rating

Since the spring of 2011 Syria has been a country intent on destroying itself. What began as peaceful demonstrations, against the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, soon became-

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