Bennion Kearny

Bennion Kearny is an international publishing company based in the UK. We publish our titles across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australasia. Bennion Kearny also publishes under the Oakamoor Publishing, Dark River, and Hawksmoor Publishing imprints.

We publish academic, professional, popular, and practical titles across just about every subject area. If you are interested in publishing with us, please click on the submissions link above.

In July 2023, we launched our new fiction imprint: BK Fiction.

Bennion Kearny Books

About Bennion Kearny. Bennion Kearny is a publishing home for non-fiction writing for general audiences. (We have also begun to develop fiction and popular entertainment titles, recently, mind you.)

Our mission at Bennion Kearny is to provide readers with the highest quality books and eBooks from the best authors in any given field. Our books, eBooks, and eLearning strive to provide people with information that teaches them about new things, or which can empower them to get things done quickly and easily and without jargon.

Many of our books are practical and look to equip readers with key skills that aim to move their abilities and knowledge bases forward. Our long-term dream is to make Bennion Kearny the industry leader for books in any given area for quality, affordability, and platform availability. On this final point, we understand that readers in the 21st century want their books on their iPads, Kindles, and Nooks – and we also understand that paper is still a fantastic medium. We shall continue to offer our books wherever and however our customers want them.

BK’s first title was the parapsychology book The Hidden Whisper and, since then, the company has begun to establish itself as a principal publisher in a number of areas. For example, our football / soccer coaching books have garnered praise across the spectrum and include titles from authors including Matthew Whitehouse, Ray Power, Gary Curneen and Dan Abrahams. The same is true for our sport psychology books including our golf psychology books which include the critically acclaimed “Golf Tough” and “The Successful Golfer” titles.

In turn, our self-help books cater to a wide variety of audiences including business professionals, sporting athletes, women, and world travellers (amongst others). If you work in the probation industry – we offer a number of Probation Workbooks for topics including: alcohol awareness, thinking skills, anger management, and employment. Finally, we have also published books on history, music, and law, as well as some first-class memoirs. Our books have been translated into Japanese, Czech, Spanish, Romanian, German, Korean – you name it!


Striving for best practice – BK has created a first class author-centric model to ensure our authors receive industry-leading financial and non-financial benefits from the partnership. At Bennion Kearny, we don’t treat our authors as commodities. Our founder was an author before he became a publisher and he understands what a publishing house should stand for.

For us, our authors are the most important part of our business and the greatest human asset we have. Therefore, we provide the very best deal that a full service publishing house can offer but in a far more personal way – working with the best people for the long term.

If you are thinking of writing a book – drop us a line. There are details, as to what we are looking for, on the Author page.