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What does the Moon mean in Tarot?

It means: You Are Receiving Messages Key Meaning The Moon signifies you are receiving messages from the spirit world. The Card Two wolves howl at the moon, and a lobster climbs out of the water; is he friend or foe? The bright full moon casts shadows over the land, and…

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Ace of Cups meaning

Ace of Cups | Tarot Meaning

What does the Ace of Cups mean? It means: New Passion Key Meaning The Ace of Cups signifies a new passion is about to enter your life. The Card The miraculous hand of an unseen Power appears out of the cloud and offers you a cup. You are being invited…

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Ace of Pentacles Meaning

Ace of Pentacles | Tarot Meaning

What does the Ace of Pentacles mean? It means the Beginning of Prosperity Ace of Pentacles Key Meaning The Ace of Pentacles signifies the beginning of financial prosperity. This is the card you want to see when applying for a job, bank loan, or area of study. Yes, you will…

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Free Tarot Cards

* * * If you are interested in tarot reading and would like a free deck of cards, then we have a PDF download for you. See bottom of the page. Free Tarot Cards There have been many myths about where Tarot cards originated from, and how they came to…

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