Coaching Youth Soccer Psychology

Football Psychology

An excerpt from Coaching Psychological Skills in Youth Football: Developing The 5Cs The psychological influence of the coach Reflecting back on the training sessions from the Under-10 and Under-11 age groups, coaches may be able to contrast the psychological and social qualities that are apparent in one group compared to…

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The Bob Dylan – Neil Young Saga

An excerpt from Friends and Other Strangers: Bob Dylan Examined by Harold Lepidus: Bob Dylan and Neil Young are friends and mutual admirers. They have appeared on stage together numerous times, and have even referred to each other in their songs. Thrasher's Wheat is the premier Neil Young fan site.…

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Creating Remote Value in Sales

Creating Value Remotely

By Michael Smith, Bennion Kearny author and Vice President of Global Marketing at Align Technology. The Touch System To win time with customers, we need to find a way to stand out from the competition. Rather than asking for an appointment or meeting, the key is to give something instead;…

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Divorce and Forgiveness

Surviving and Dealing with Divorce

By Caroline Buchanan, the best-selling author of the book Forgiveness & Divorce It’s a sad but inevitable fact that divorce is accompanied by pain.  Sometimes, awful pain that you fear you might never recover from. But if you could forgive anyone, or everyone (including yourself) who has caused you real…

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