What does the Moon mean in Tarot?

It means: You Are Receiving Messages

Key Meaning

The Moon signifies you are receiving messages from the spirit world.

The Card

Two wolves howl at the moon, and a lobster climbs out of the water; is he friend or foe? The bright full moon casts shadows over the land, and not everything is as it seems. When the Moon appears, emotions are high; you feel confused and uncertain about your future. You sense the Universe is sending you signs, you experience synchronicity, it feels like something big is coming, but you do not know what. You may fluctuate wildly from ‘It’s all in my head’ to ‘I know.’ When you receive the Moon card, it is a confirmation that you are receiving messages, although you may not fully understand the mechanics yet. Something big is coming; it could be a move, job change, an unexpected opportunity, a download of inspiration, or the emergence of a powerful gift … anything. Just be patient, all will be revealed soon. If you receive the Moon card regularly, then it is a sign you should raise your sights beyond the mundane. You could feel at home on the astral plane, having out of body experiences, writing supernatural fiction, investigating UFOs, studying past life regression, or acting as a psychic or medium. Someone needs to educate the world. Why not you?

Karina Says

You have a creative mind and the ability to ‘see’ what others do not. More importantly, you can manifest what you see and turn it into something real.

Other Possible Meanings

> If you are psychic, your powers are intensifying, and you are able to tune into the collective consciousness. The knowledge you gain must be shared with others.

> If you asked about pregnancy or childbirth, the next full moon will deliver a result.

Meanings When Reversed

When reversed, the moon seems to become brighter, and the animals become calmer. This means, whatever knowledge was hidden, reveals itself now. You have all the insight you need to take action.


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