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The Bob Dylan – Neil Young Saga

An excerpt from Friends and Other Strangers: Bob Dylan Examined by Harold Lepidus: Bob Dylan and Neil Young are friends and mutual admirers. They have appeared on stage together numerous times, and have even referred to each other in their songs. Thrasher's Wheat is the premier Neil Young fan site.…

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Dana Gillespie Singer

Dana Gillespie’s Memoirs | Coming 2020

November 2019: With the eagerly anticipated release of Dana Gillespie's new album Under My Bed... Click on the cover to learn more ...Bennion Kearny is delighted to announce further exciting news. Dana is writing her memoirs! Yes, Dana Gillespie, the award-winning first lady of the Blues is hard at work…

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We Want The World: Jim Morrison, The Living Theatre and the FBI

A Glimpse of Paradise and Jim Morrison

This chapter 2 excerpt was from We Want The World by Daveth Milton. * In about the middle of December ‘68, down on Santa Monica Boulevard, Jim Morrison was slumped in a chair with his feet up, reading November’s edition of the west coast activist magazine Ramparts.  Life had been…

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