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Small-Sided Games in Soccer

Small-Sided Games

Chapter 15 from Coaching Youth Football: What Soccer Coaches Can Learn From The Professional Game * * * * * The true measure of a technical player is how they resolve a game situation by deciding on a tactical intention and the necessary technique, executing in the correct moment and…

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Soccer Dribbling - Football Training

Football Dribbling

Click on the Cover to see this Outstanding Book Mobility/Movement Movement can be sub-categorised in two ways: movement with the ball, and movement without the ball. Movement with the ball, in essence, describes dribbling or running with the ball. Dribbling can be categorised as tighter, quick, small touches, performed under…

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Pre-Season football Training

Pre Season Football Training

At Bennion Kearny, we have developed a number of titles that deal, specifically, with pre-season football training. Vasilis Papadakis is one of Greece's top coaches, and has developed a 7 week training programme, comprised of 50 sessions, that has been tested and shown to succeed in the real world. Gary…

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Football Coaching Books Blackboard

Soccer Coaching Books

Bennion Kearny is one of the world’s leading publishers of soccer coaching books. Offering a wide spectrum of titles that cover soccer practice, soccer tactics, sport psychology, coach development, footballing philosophy, youth soccer, and much more, the company has over 25 titles currently available, in both print and eBook formats,…

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