Tactical Periodization Explanation

Tactical Periodization is a training methodology that first arose over 30 years ago when Professor Victor Frade, through his experiences, began to question the training methodologies used up to that point. Understanding that football and team play cannot be understood through classic scientific thought (analytically and decontextualized) - given its…

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B2B Sales book

B2B Sales Strategy | Unique Offering

An excerpt from 10.4 Interactions DEMONSTRATING YOUR UNIQUE OFFERING Our offer becomes compelling when we create the desire for change KEEP THE PRODUCT IN THE BAG If I think back to my time learning to sell, there was one tactic that we were always told to rely on. ‘Get the…

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National Forgiveness Day 2019

National Forgiveness Day

What is National Forgiveness Day, and when is it? National Forgiveness Day is a day dedicated to the promotion of forgiveness and self-forgiveness. In 2019, it was held on the last Saturday of October. That was October the 26th. In 2020, it will be October the 31st (Halloween!). This year's…

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