Chase What Really Matters

An excerpt from Chapter 8 of Turn & Burn: The Scriptwriter’s Guide to Writing Better Screenplays Faster by CJ Walley I’ve yet to hear of any screenwriter reaching some kind of pinnacle in their career where all their worries and fears drained from them. If you care a great deal…

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Soccer Dribbling - Football Training

Football Dribbling

Click on the Cover to see this Outstanding Book Mobility/Movement Movement can be sub-categorised in two ways: movement with the ball, and movement without the ball. Movement with the ball, in essence, describes dribbling or running with the ball. Dribbling can be categorised as tighter, quick, small touches, performed under…

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Chronic Pain

Living with Chronic Pain

PROLOGUE The wound is the place where the light enters you. Rumi I thought that I had finished this book, but then something happened in my life that led me to write this prologue. The week that I finished the first draft of the book, I developed sciatica. Initially, it…

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