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Creating Remote Value in Sales

Creating Value Remotely

By Michael Smith, Bennion Kearny author and Vice President of Global Marketing at Align Technology. The Touch System To win time with customers, we need to find a way to stand out from the competition. Rather than asking for an appointment or meeting, the key is to give something instead;…

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Medical Sales Book

Medical Sales

An excerpt from Go Naked: The Credible Expert: How to Stand Out In Medical Sales, Create More Opportunities, And Grow Your Business WHAT CUSTOMERS WANT When choices were low and tolerance was high, and when information available was low and time to assimilate the information was higher, then the traditional…

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10.4 Interactions | Sales Touch System

The Touch Sales System

In 2011, Google commissioned a piece of research into how customers make buying decisions and coined the term, ‘Zero Moment of Truth’. [1] The Zero Moment of Truth refers to the period between a stimulus and the consumer making a decision to buy. Based on the research, they found that,…

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