self-help books for women

Self-help books for women

In today’s world, there seems to be a plethora of advice on every subject from a thousand-and-one resources. Self-help has exploded across blogs, personal websites, Facebook groups, and beyond.

Yet, one format is still the gold standard when it comes to meaningful, coherent, properly-researched, and genuinely helpful information for self-improvement. The book!

At Bennion Kearny, we have been commissioning self-help books for women since our inception in 2012 and – here – we would like to share three of the best.

Finding Your Way Back to YOU: A self-help book for women who want to regain their Mojo and realise their dreams!

women self help book
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Lynne Saint’s book is a go-to resource for women who have found that – as they have got older – their energy, motivation, and spark have subsided somewhat. The good news is that they can all be rediscovered, and you can rewind the button to rediscover the verve that will take you places. The book is concise and practical (drawing in elements of NLP and CBT) and has an accompanying free-to-download journal.

The book contains sections on self-belief, self-discipline, overcoming limiting beliefs, setting realistic goals, self-image, and much more.

From Dinner Date to Soulmate – Cynthia Spillman’s Guide to Mature Dating

Book for mature dating from Cynthia Spillman
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One of our more recent self-help books for women is Cynthia Spillman’s From Dinner Date to Soulmate. Cynthia is a dating industry expert and has written this title for women approaching a more mature age in life who wish to get back into the dating scene. At first glance, returning to dating can seem daunting, but through Cynthia’s first-class and sympathetic advice and instructions, it can be achieved simply and effectively.

This is a truly empowering, witty, self-help book.

The 15-Minute Rule for Forgiveness

15 Minute Rule for Forgiveness Book
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This is one of our newest titles and – my goodness – is it needed! (Although, strictly speaking, men can also get a great deal from this book.) Forgiveness and self-forgiveness are two of the most emboldening, inspiring, and energizing things we can do.

Everyone has relationships that have turned if not sour, then distinctly upsetting. If allowed to fester, they can eat us up. Forgiveness and self-forgiveness are all about taking back the power; they are not about condoning bad behaviour or accepting people’s actions – they are about finding ways to ensure they have no hold over us!

Caroline Buchanan is a published author and agony aunt, who knows all about the power of forgiveness. She shares her stories, and those of people she has worked with, to provide a practical framework for achieving forgiveness and subsequent happiness.

This book cannot be recommended enough. We are super proud of it.


We hope that these self-help books for women illustrate our commitment to helping develop and publish the very best of titles for our female audience. All the books are available in both print and ebook formats.

If you are looking for broader information on self-help (including personal development, becoming a parent, success at work, and more, then please take a look at our general self-help listing).

All the best, on your journey! All destinations can be achieved!