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3v3 Football Training Exercises | Soccer

Forward Runs

The goalkeeper serves to the side of his goal with two players. The receiving player feeds into the target player on the halfway line. The two players without the ball make forward runs beyond the target player. The solo player moves to receive a pass that has been set back to him by the target player. He can then play forward to either of the runners. Start with attacks alternating from either end. Then progress to both ends starting their attacks at the same time. Use the halfway line as an offside line for the forward runners. Can they curve their runs to stay onside?


  • The passing player does not join the attack and hangs back to act as a defender against a 3v1 attack.

Coaching points

  • Make sure to set the ball, and ensure forward passes are angled.
  • Paint pictures for different types of finish based on position, angle, goalkeeper position, and where a teammate is.
  • Can you take out the goalkeeper so that a teammate can finish easily?


3v3 soccer coaching
From the book: Developing Skill: A Guide to 3v3 Soccer Coaching
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Link with Wide Players

3v3 soccer training link with wide players

The goalkeeper plays to a central player. The central player can play 1v1 against their opponent or pass to either of their teammates in the wide positions. Look for the corner players to make checked runs from the corner box into the box by the halfway line.

After the corner player receives the ball, they can cut in to attack or drive down the line. The opposite side’s forward stays in their box to retain width. They can move in to receive a far post finish.

Attack from alternate ends.

Coaching points

  • Decision making – play forward quickly? Take on the opponent? Shoot? Cross? Cut in?
  • Checked movement to receive.
  • Could the central player move to play up against the defender?
  • Look to score as quickly as possible.