We Want The World: Jim Morrison, The Living Theatre and the FBI

A Glimpse of Paradise and Jim Morrison

In about the middle of December ‘68, down on Santa Monica Boulevard, Jim Morrison was slumped in a chair with his feet up, reading November’s edition of the west coast activist magazine Ramparts.  Life had been bugging him lately. I mean, what a year!?! On the face of it The

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Aphantasia - Unable to Visualise

What is Aphantasia?

Taken literally, Aphantasia is a spectrum condition (which means it affects people to different degrees along a range of linked symptoms) where the sufferer cannot consciously visualise images in their mind (sometimes referred to as 'the mind's eye'). The ability of the human mind to conjure up an image, upon

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Johnny Phillips Saturday Afternoon Fever

An Audience with Rafa

On the opening night of the Champions League group stages, in September 2012, as Manchester City were beaten by Real Madrid in the final moments at the Bernabau, thanks to Ronaldo’s late goal, and Real manager Jose Mourinho leapt from the dugout and slid across the turf in one of

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Senior dating and Mature Dating Couple

Senior Dating and Finding Love

Senior Dating and Finding Love With widowhood, and around 50% of marriages ending in divorce, many people of a mature age have found themselves once again available and wanting to meet new partners. The good news is that dating at a mature age has never been easier, and often holds

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Goalkeeper Training Exercises for Soccer

Goalkeeper Training Drills

In this excerpt from 65 Goalkeeper Training Exercises, Andy Elleray offers two highly effective goalkeeper training drills. Back Ball/Knees Explanation The aim of the game is for the designated goalkeeper, with any kind of ball, to touch their opponents on the middle of the back with their ball. This will

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Book and eBook for Writing Non-Fiction

How to write a biography

How to write a biography. In this excerpt from Write From The Start, join author Caroline Foster as she explains the steps involved when writing a biography. List the main topics you need to find out about and make helpful notes about where you might find this information. List the

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