Self-Help Books

The origins of self-help books are rooted in the Philanthropy, and Classical Liberalism, of Victorian Britain, beginning with the publication of “Self-Help; with Illustrations of Character and Conduct” in 1859. Samuel Smiles, the author, was inspired by the belief that progressive social causes were best advanced by individual self-improvement. The book proved popular from the beginning, and a quarter of a million copies had been sold by the time of the author’s death in 1904, perhaps due to its general concurrence with the spirit of the age.

Self-help books foster a sense of self-reliance, and personal responsibility, over dependence on others. The individual, rather than society, is accountable for their successes and failures, but self-help books will enable the reader to unlock their inner achiever, motivating them to ascend their current circumstances.

American author Dale Carnegie published “How to Win Friends and Influence People” in 1936, and it perhaps the best-known self-help book all time. A world-wide success from the outset, it has sold over 15 million copies to date.

Personal Self-Help Books

At Bennion Kearny, we have a number of self-help books for all audiences and needs.

One of our best-sellers is Finding Your Way Back to YOU: A self-help book for women who want to regain their Mojo and realise their dreams! Available as a print book, eBook and (now) an audiobook – Lynne Saint’s book is a quick and powerful way for women to get their lives back on track.

women self help book

Likewise, the fabulous book from superstar author Cynthia Spillman – From Dinner Date to Soulmate – is the accumulated wisdom from someone who has walked the walk. Cynthia has also founded The International Dating Academy and was Chief Executive of the dating organisation Dinner Dates. She knows her stuff.

Book for mature dating from Cynthia Spillman

Shifting gear slightly, How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Shit by Kirsty Smith, is the hilarious but insightful book that examines the world of mums-to-be, and all the shenanigans that parenthood has to offer. Quite rightly, Kirsty was nominated for a Yorkshire Woman of the Year Award (she is from Yorkshire) – the book is outstanding.

Jag Shoker has written two self-help books for Bennion Kearny, both of which have received acclaim and which can help people gain success through step-by-step no-nonsense advice.

The 7 Master Moves Jag Shoker

They both draw from scientifically-proven advice from researchers and sources to create unique ‘meta’ titles. Think of them as ‘best in breed’ and you’ll be close.

You will Thrive Jag Shoker Book

Business Self-Help Books

We have also developed and published a select group of rather good self-help books for business.

10.4 Interactions | Sales Touch System

They include books for B2B sales, medical sales, business management, team-work, presentations, and much more… For example:


Awful Presentations - Presentation Skills Book

Take a look at our complete self-help book selection HERE