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You will Thrive Jag Shoker Book

You Will Thrive: The Life-Affirming Way to Work and Become What You Really Desire

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Have you lost your spark or the passion for what you do? Is your heart no longer in your work or (like so many people) are you simply disillusioned by the frantic race to get ahead in life? Your sense of unease may be getting harder to ignore, and comes from the growing urge to step off the treadmill and pursue a more thrilling and meaningful direction in life.

You Will Thrive addresses the subject of modern disillusionment. It is essential reading for people looking to make the most of their talents and be something more in life. Something that matters. Something that makes a difference in the world.

Through six empowering steps, it reveals ‘the Way’ to boldly follow your heart as it leads you to the perfect opportunities you seek. Through every step, it urges you to put a compelling thought to the test:

You possess the power within you to attract the right people, opportunities, and circumstances that you need to become what you desire.

As you’ll discover, if you find the faith to act on this power and do the Work required to realise your dream, a testing yet life-affirming path will unfold before you as life orchestrates the Way to make it all happen.

About Jag Shoker

Jag Shoker is a leading performance coach to high profile business leaders and sports professionals and the author of The 7 Masters Moves of Success. In You Will Thrive he calls upon his own remarkable experience of following the Way and his years of experience in helping others to pursue it to much greater effect.

Author: Jag Shoker

Published 8 November 2016 | 978-1910515662 | 118 pp paperback | print and ebook versions available.

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