Energy Vampire

Energy Vampires

[This excerpt is from Finding Your Way Back to YOU]

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As touched upon in the Introduction, there will be certain people in your life who constantly drain you of energy, and who put you instantly into a negative mood when in their company. They are usually selfish, self-centred individuals who you listen to out of politeness; their sapping of your time and energy has just become a habit for both of you. But it is a constant cycle that you need to break free of and conserve your energies to move forwards and invest in your progress.

Now is the time to recognise what they give you (or don’t) and escape. Don’t let them near and avoid their company at all cost!

Be brave and interrupt this habitual pattern of behaviour – you may find that as you begin to develop into the more confident positive YOU that you feel that you no longer have so much in common with these individuals.

Don’t feel guilty about letting go of the Moodhoovers and Energy Vampires in your life. These may be the very people that have kept you back all this time. The time before you began to see the real YOU, and the future that you want for yourself.

If this is how you feel – associate with people that give you a lift and make you feel energised and appreciated.

Energy Radiators

It might help to list your personal ‘Energy Radiators’ below and make plans to be with them some more. Note also, the Moodhoovers and Energy Vampires that you plan to avoid.

Be aware that you will need to keep practicing your positive outlook and be aware of your own behaviour when in their company – and not become a Moodhoover or Energy Vampire to them!

Remember – practice makes perfect!

Your new ways of thinking and behaving will take some practice. After all, you have been practising your old ways of behaviour for years! It’s just like when you do a new exercise, your muscles ache until you keep flexing them and they get used to exercise. Exercise becomes easier and enjoyable the more you do it. Simple!