Striker Training in Soccer

Football Striker Training

These exercises are taken from Developing Soccer Players: Forward-Specific Practices by Dan Bolas

Forward Specific Practices in Soccer
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Finishing Technique: Flick Header


Coach bounces the ball and then throws the ball as a chest pass into the area on the edge of the six-yard box. The throw should be flat and powerful (just above head height). The ball can also be volleyed in by the coach.

The forward should start inside the line of the far post, and should look to attack the ball, heading it into the goal.

Practice serving from both sides.

1 Repetition = 6 Balls.

Key Technical Points

The forward should be moving slowly, taking small steps until the ball is served.

Forward needs to react quickly, and make contact with the ball as quickly as possible.

Contact should ideally be with the forehead, letting the ball hit the head and redirecting it towards the goal.

Watch the ball all the way.

Best Practice Examples

Morata [Euro 2016] vs Turkey

Bony [WC 2014] vs Japan

Dzagoev [Euro 2012] vs Poland

Coach’s Tip

Encourage the player to use the speed on the ball and simply change the angle. Chest pointing towards the goal on the point of impact will help this.


Across Goal Finish


The coach takes a touch out of feet, followed by an angled through ball pass for the forward to run onto.

On the coach’s touch, the forward (X) moves towards the ball. Then, as the coach goes to play pass, the forward makes a run towards the goal.

The forward should finish past the GK, either one touch or two touch.

Work from both sides to give forwards the experience of different angles.

1 Repetition = 5 balls.

Key Technical Points

The trigger for the forward’s movement is the coach’s touch.

Speed and disguise is needed in the second movement to run onto the ball.

If finishing with the inside foot, open the body, point the chest at goal, and score in the corners.

If finishing with laces, strike through the ball, aiming for a corner.

A player should use their eyes (look one way) to trick the GK.

Coach’s Tip

Forwards should accelerate onto the ball, then slow down when reaching the ball to focus on their finishing technique.


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