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Gut Feeling: Why Diets, Exercise, and Shaming have Failed

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There is one certainty in the obesity debate – the dominant messages about diet, willpower, and fat-shaming have failed in the last 40 years; in fact, things have got worse.

We need a new approach. We need to give fat people a voice.

Gut Feeling is the story of why ‘traditional’ approaches fail to stop expanding waistlines – and what you can do about it.

We need to understand why ‘Eat Less, Move More’ has not worked, why exercise is only part of any solution, and why fat-shaming makes things worse. We have to do what the science is actually telling us – what people can do, not what others think they should do.

Gut Feeling takes aim at the major players in the obesity crisis. From the manufacturers of processed food and fizzy drinks, to the dieting industry, to exercise gurus, to governments. The obesity debate is starting from the wrong place, dominated by people who do not really understand the big picture.

In this book, learn why:

> Diets and exercise fail in the long term.

> It’s not choice or lack of willpower that drives obesity.

> Fat people are not an extra burden on health services.

> The food industry is desperate to maintain the status quo.

> Fat shaming is misguided and counter-productive.

It is time to bust the myths, reveal the reality, and plan for a more positive future.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Lifestyle Choice
CHAPTER 2: Willpower
CHAPTER 3: Diets
CHAPTER 4: Mindless Exercise
CHAPTER 5: So Why Are We Fat?
CHAPTER 6: Is Obesity An Addiction?

CHAPTER 7: How Did It Come To This – The History
CHAPTER 8: How Did It Come To This – Modern Society
CHAPTER 9: The Blame Game
CHAPTER 10: In Fatness and in Health
CHAPTER 11: Do You Believe Me Yet?

CHAPTER 12: The Future: What Governments Can Do
CHAPTER 13: The Future 2: What Science Can Do
CHAPTER 14: The Future 3: I Believe The Children Are Our Future
CHAPTER 15: The Future 4: What We Can Do for Ourselves


Being Obese is not a Lifestyle Choice


Author: Hamish Stuart

Published March 2019 | ISBN-13: 9781911121718 | Paperback and eBook formats | 202 pages

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