Forgiveness and Divorce

Forgiveness & Divorce: A Step-by-Step Guide using The 15-Minute Rule

Have you been through a divorce, or are you going through one? Do you find that anger, resentment, bitterness, or guilt is blocking your path towards a better tomorrow?

Often, the key obstruction to moving forward with life after a break-up is an inability or unwillingness to forgive. Why should you forgive your former partner, or even possibly yourself? Wouldn’t that pardon the behaviour that brought about the end? No! Forgiveness is not about condoning bad behaviour – it is saying you don’t want it to hurt you, or hold you back, anymore!

Many people struggle to generate forgiveness. Whether it is a partner who cheated, or proved dishonest in other areas, or some personal guilt that continues to suffocate you – forgiveness is hard. Yet, the power to forgive, and move on with your life, will help bring rewards, enlightenment, and a brighter future.

But how do you begin?

In this book, best-selling international author, Caroline Buchanan, shares The 15-Minute Rule – a step-by-step framework for fostering forgiveness and self-forgiveness. We can all find 15 minutes in our busy lives and, through the anecdotes, short exercises, and examples in the book, we can embrace and develop a brighter future through the power of forgiveness.

Note: This is the sister publication to The 15-Minute Rule for Forgiveness. With overlapping content elements, readers are advised to choose whichever title is most appropriate for them.

Author: Caroline Buchanan

February 2020 | ISBN-13: 978-1-911121-60-2 | 118 pages | Print and eBook formats will be available.

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