Study Skills Book

How to be a Better Student

Here is a secret. Most top students are not necessarily gifted with superior intellect or extraordinary talent, but rather they are normal people who apply specific skills and systems to their learning. Skills and systems that can be acquired and honed to maximize performance. A number of strategies have also been shown not to work; the three biggest culprits are re-reading notes, re-writing notes, and re-reading the chapter.

Study Skills Book

How to be a Better Student is a book for college-level students, as well as older and returning students, which offers a clear set of strategies and routines for overcoming classroom challenges. Written by one of the nation’s top academic support coaches, and supported by the latest research, the book is filled with clear, practical advice for improving a student’s academic skills infrastructure. This methodology has been used successfully with students and student-athletes for more than 20 years and is a methodology that will pay dividends quickly.

In the book, you will learn to develop the mindset that will get you results, and how to embed information using a proven flashcard methodology. You will also learn to decipher the command words that professors like to use, discover an essay structure that radically improves your efficiency, and understand how to get time back on your side. Plus much more!

What you will learn in this study skills guide

> Clearly understand how best to remember the content you have learned.

> Know how to save time and energy through the use of a set of routines which clarify what to do before, during, and after class.

> Discover an effective and efficient structure for crafting an essay or research paper which will significantly reduce your anxiety.

> Understand how to break down an exam question you have never seen before, enabling you to handle just about any question the professor poses.

> Find out what study skills it takes to become the best student you can be, plus how to achieve this.

> Although written for a student audience, How to be a Better Student is also of enormous benefit to parents, teachers, and other educators who want to improve educational environments and processes for their independent learners.


Author: David Conarroe

Due soon | ISBN-13: 9781910773666 | Paperback and eBook formats | 206 pages

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