Ace of Pentacles Meaning

Ace of Pentacles | Tarot Meaning

What does the Ace of Pentacles mean?

It means the Beginning of Prosperity

Ace of Pentacles Meaning
Ace of Pentacles

Key Meaning

The Ace of Pentacles signifies the beginning of financial prosperity. This is the card you want to see when applying for a job, bank loan, or area of study. Yes, you will be successful. Whatever you are inspired to focus on now, provides the key to your future security.

The Card

A path stretches out before you, with an archway at the end. The doorway lies open for you to walk through and begin a new life with fewer money concerns. All you need do is accept the opportunity, the shiny pentacle coming out of the cloud. Don’t try to figure out where this may lead in the distant future; it is not possible to plan that far ahead. Rather, put one foot in front of the other and trust that you are setting off on a sparkling new path.

Karina Says

This card often turns up when we are confused about which direction to take in life, and suddenly a path appears. A doorway has opened, but it is still up to you to step through. Don’t allow doubt or fear to stand in your way.

Other Possible Meanings

> A business, project, hobby, or investment idea you have is worth pursuing.

> You are successful in the sale/purchase of a property. Can also indicate a long-term let.

> Now is a good time to study, as this will increase your future earning potential.

Meanings When Reversed

When the card is reversed, the pentacle drops to the ground indicating a lost opportunity.

> Are you missing an opportunity? Look more closely at what is in front of you.

> There is an opportunity here to earn money ‘under the table’.

> A financial settlement, investment return, or bonus may be less than expected.


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