Ace of Cups meaning

Ace of Cups | Tarot Meaning

What does the Ace of Cups mean?

It means: New Passion

Key Meaning

The Ace of Cups signifies a new passion is about to enter your life.

Ace of Cups meaning

The Card

The miraculous hand of an unseen Power appears out of the cloud and offers you a cup. You are being invited to drink from this overflowing cup of abundance. Jets of water flow from the chalice into a larger sea of water. Water represents our emotions and deepest desires, and your water – it seems – runs deep and plentiful. A white dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, bestows a blessing from above in the form of a wafer.

When the Ace of Cups appears, you are advised to open your heart and embrace whatever happens now. This could be the romance of a lifetime, the renewal of an existing relationship, or the birth of a child. Or it may be a work or study opportunity which impassions you. The Ace of Cups often appears when we are feeling lost or vaguely dissatisfied with life. Do not worry, the Holy Spirit says, I know exactly what you need. Trust that this is the beginning of a life-altering journey.

Karina Says

What you seek is the holy grail of happiness: more love and a fulfilling purpose. Fortunately, these worthy objectives are within your reach now. Remember, money and material security are merely the by-products of living a life with passion.

Other Possible Meanings

> A new passion is about to enter your life – love, career, or interest.

> If you are attracted to spiritual matters at this time, it is because you are going through an awakening.

> If you have had an inspirational idea for a new business, project, or book… go for it!

Meanings When Reversed

When the Ace of Cups is reversed, the water spills out and your enthusiasm along with it!

> If you are in a relationship, your love has eroded over time. The relationship needs attention if it is to recover.

> If you are single, love is on the way, but not just yet! Be patient.

> If you started a new relationship, this romance will take some time to develop – go with the flow and enjoy the trip.

> If you are interested in spirituality, your psychic abilities are blocked at this time. Draw another card for guidance on what to do.


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