Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer for Forgiveness

by Caroline Buchanan, author of The 15-Minute Rule for Forgiveness

A Prayer for forgiveness

The power of forgiveness moves mountains. Forgiving someone for the pain they have caused you, or the hurt and damage they have done to someone you love, will bring so much relief to your heart and soul.  As will forgiving yourself. Many of us find that harder than forgiving others.

I strongly feel that it was part of my purpose in life to write ‘The 15-Minute Rule for Forgiveness’. And I feel God was with me. Obviously I believe in God, but for those who don’t, just an acknowledgement that there is something greater than yourself is enough to move mountains.

Even the cynics among us must be pretty arrogant if they think they are the greatest things on this planet! By turning their will over to their Higher Power (HP), many of these happy customers have made a settled decision. But even if they are still feeling ambivalent, the willingness to try and believe there is something more powerful than you can and does achieve miracles.

A Higher Power  (HP) can be anything you choose. It could be nature, the Universe, the power of a group, your higher self, your better self. I know one man who chose Tina Turner as his Higher Power! If you’re not prepared to even consider the possibility of a Higher Power, then all you need to begin to find forgiveness is a willingness to believe you don’t know everything!

Allowing good to triumph over evil can only be wonderful. Literally – full of glorious wonder. 

What is the alternative? Constantly picking at the already painful wounds, while carrying bags full of anger, resentment and hate on your back? What will that do? It can only prolong the pain and make it even worse.

Like attracts like so choose your thoughts wisely. What we think is what we feel.

Simply put – think negative=feel negative – think positive=feel positive.

Here is a prayer for you to offer up to God, or your HP.

‘Thank you for all you are doing. I pray that You give me the willingness to forgive anyone I need to forgive and that, of course, includes myself. I know that forgiveness changes everything for the better.  I know you forgive me, and love me unconditionally. Please help me follow your example and forgive those who hurt me, including myself, and forgive those who hurt the ones I love. Thank you.’


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