Soccer Tough Audiobook

Soccer Tough Audiobook

We are delighted to announce that Soccer Tough: Simple Football Psychology Techniques to Improve Your Game, by Dan Abrahams, is now available as an audiobook.

Soccer Tough Audiobook
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The runtime is just under 6 hours, and the chapter listing (like the book) is as follows:

Chapter 1 – Soccer is a Game of Mindset
Chapter 2 – How Elvis Found Graceland
Chapter 3 – Daydreaming
Chapter 4 – The Messi Mindset and Half-time
Chapter 5 – How Richard Developed his Focus
Chapter 6 – Your Match Script
Chapter 7 – How Carlton Squashed his ANTs
Chapter 8 – Stokesy the Greyhound
Chapter 9 – Why Birch Stayed Down
Chapter 10 – Kevin’s 10,000 hours
Chapter 11 – How to Beat Perfectionism
Chapter 12 – How Batman Grew
Chapter 13 – Adding Mind to Barry’s Heart and Full-time

* * *

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