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Soccer Tough - Soccer Psychology Book

Soccer Tough: Simple Football Psychology Techniques to Improve Your Game

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“Take a minute to slip into the mind of one of the world’s greatest soccer players and imagine a stadium around you. Picture a performance under the lights and mentally play the perfect game.”

Technique, speed and tactical execution are crucial components of winning soccer, but it is mental toughness (soccer psychology) that marks out the very best players – the ability to play when pressure is highest, the opposition is strongest, and fear is greatest. Top players and coaches understand the importance of sport psychology in soccer but how do you actually train your mind to become the best player you can be?

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Soccer Tough demystifies this crucial side of the game and offers practical techniques that will enable soccer players of all abilities to actively develop focus, energy, and confidence. Soccer Tough will help banish the fear, mistakes, and mental limits that holds players back.

> Train your soccer brain and performance mindset to play more consistently and deliver under pressure
> Use the power of Body Language to play with energy and intensity
> Create dynamic mental Scripts that pinpoint focus and give your game mental structure
> Utilise commanding Self-Talk to develop certainty and performance confidence
> Boost your self-belief through Visualisation and imagery

About This Soccer Psychology Book

Soccer Psychology Consultant Dan Abrahams shares the powerful techniques that have helped him develop reserve team players to become international players, guided youth team players from slumps to first team contracts, and helped young professionals win contracts at their dream clubs.

This was achieved quite simply – by focusing on the power of the mind, and how it can elevate performance on match day to peak levels.

Soccer Tough is for amateur and professional players of all levels, as well as coaches. This soccer psychology book explores how the best soccer players in the world think and gives the reader step-by-step ways to do the same.

About Dan Abrahams

Dan Abrahams is a freelance sport psychologist who specialises in soccer psychology. He has spent the past decade working with some of the leading soccer players, teams, organisations and governing bodies globally.

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He has held contracts with leading clubs in the English Premier League and some of the top managers and coaches regularly use his techniques to drive their coaching culture and team building processes.

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Author: Dan Abrahams

8th August 2012 | ISBN: 978-0-9570511-9-5 | 180 pages : £12.99 / $19.99 (print) | Kindle and iBooks

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