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Its Just a Ball - Jon Townsend

It’s Just a Ball: Exploring the Complexity of a Simple Game

It's Just a Ball - Jon Townsend

From the streets and training centers of Europe and the United States to the beaches of Brazil, the book explores not only what makes soccer great, but what makes a great soccer player.

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One Football No Nets Cover

One Football, No Nets

Amazon - One Football, No Nets

In September 2017, amateur British football coach Justin Walley became the “National Team” Manager of Matabeleland, an obscure international team in western Zimbabwe.

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Bob Booker Footballer Book Cover

OOH-AAH: The Bob Booker Story

booker review

OOH-AAH BOB BOOKAH… And so begins one of the most iconic chants in football. A chant for a cult hero who was renowned for his-

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Graduation Richard Lee book

Graduation: Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer

Graduation - Amazon Rating

The 2010/11 season will go down as a memorable one for Goalkeeper Richard Lee. After more than ten years at Watford FC, Richard signed for-

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José Mourinho book: The Rise of the Translator

José Mourinho: The Rise of the Translator

His once glowing olive complexion was dull, and bags hung heavily under his eyes. With his enthusiasm for football seemingly- eroded, José Mourinho’s tumultuous three-year-

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Small Time: A Life in the Football Wilderness

Small Time: A Life in the Football Wilderness

“In 1988, 23-year-old American goalkeeper Justin Bryant thought a glorious career in professional football awaited him.”

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