José Mourinho book: The Rise of the Translator

José Mourinho: The Rise of the Translator

His once glowing olive complexion was dull, and bags hung heavily under his eyes. With his enthusiasm for football seemingly eroded, José Mourinho’s tumultuous three-year reign as Real Madrid manager came to an end. The Special One had seemingly lost his stardust as he saw his side limp out in the Champions League semi-finals for the third-year running in 2013. Yet, there remained a once unthinkable avenue and safe haven for rejuvenation: Chelsea Football Club. Mourinho: The Rise of the Translator vividly details the José Mourinho story.

From growing up in a Portugal emerging from dictatorship, and struggling to live up to his father’s legacy as an international goalkeeper, it details José Mourinho’s extraordinary journey: the trophies, tragedies and, of course, the fall-outs. Starting out as a translator for the late Sir Bobby Robson, Mourinho has come to define a new breed of manager, with his unrivalled use of psychology, exhaustive research, and man management providing ample compensation for an unremarkable playing career. Mourinho has gone on to become one of the greatest managers of all-time.

From Porto to Chelsea, and Inter to Real Madrid – the Mourinho story is as intriguing as the man himself. Now, a new challenge awaits at Stamford Bridge. Covering the Mourinho story to October 2013 and featuring numerous exclusive interviews with figures not synonymous with the traditional Mourinho narrative.

Jose Mourinho Book Testimonials

“Enlightening interviews with those who really know José Mourinho” – Simon Kuper, Financial Times

“Superb read from a terrific writer” – Ger McCarthy, Irish Examiner

“Highly recommended: a very enjoyable read. All of us who think we have a book in us have a lesson to learn!” – Damien O’Meara, ‘Game On’, 2FM

“A fascinating insight. Spoken to an awful lot of people to get the juice on what makes José Mourinho the man and the coach that he is” – Paul Franks, BBC

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Dream is Over
Chapter 2 – The Mister
Chapter 3 – El Traductor
Chapter 4 – Going It Alone
Chapter 5 – Shades of Herrera
Chapter 6 – Special
Images 1-4
Chapter 7 – Revolution
Chapter 8 – Self-Anointed
Chapter 9 – When Mario met José
Chapter 10 – Shifting Perceptions
Chapter 11 – Machiavellian Deceit
Chapter 12 – The Arrival of the Prince
Chapter 13 – A Crumbling Empire
Chapter 14 – The Divorce
Chapter 15 – Rejection
Images 5-8
Chapter 16 – Doubt
Chapter 17 – The Mourinho Model
Chapter 18 – His Greatest Achievement
Chapter 19 – The Long Goodbye
Chapter 20 – Entering the Cauldron
Chapter 21 – Morbo
Chapter 22 – The Only One
Chapter 23 – The Unravelling
Images 9-12
Chapter 24 – The Outsider
Chapter 25 – Home
Appendix A – List of multiple European Cup winners
Appendix B – The Anatomy of José Mourinho
Appendix C – The World According to José…


Jose Mourinho Book | Chapter 1: The Dream is Over

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Author: Ciaran Kelly

Published 7 November 2013 | ISBN: 978-1-909125-37-7 | 248 pages (paperback) | £9.99 / $14.99 | Kindle and iBooks 

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