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Togetherness: How to Build a Winning Team

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Togetherness is a powerful state of connection between individuals that can lead to amazing triumphs. In sport, teams win matches, but teams with togetherness win championships and make history.

If you want the individuals on your team to develop their skills and reach their potential, get them ‘together’. The key to this, is to understand your players’ group memberships and how to harness them, to create a unique team identity that is special to “us”.

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This concise and practical book – from Dr. Matt Slater, a world authority on togetherness – shows you how you can develop togetherness in your team. The journey starts with an understanding of what underpins togetherness and how it can drive high performance and well-being simultaneously. It then moves onto practical tips and activities based on the 3R model (Reflect, Represent, Realise) that you can learn and complete with your team to unlock their togetherness.

The 3R model provides you with a framework to take your team on a journey from “me” to “we”.

With memorable stories from the world of high-performance sport, and a robust evidence-base, this book will help you to create and maintain togetherness in your team – whether in sport or other fields such as business or voluntary sectors – simply and effectively.

Achieve the impossible with your team… through togetherness.

Team Building Exercise – Identity Mapping

Soccer and Football Team Building

Soccer Team Building – The Power of Us and We


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Author: Dr. Matt Slater

31st May 2019 | ISBN-13: 978-1-911121-50-3 | Paperback and eBook formats

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