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Youth Soccer Coaching Book

Making The Ball Roll: A Complete Guide to Youth Football for the Aspiring Soccer Coach

> The international bestseller from top coach educator Ray Power

> A literal one-stop resource for the development of youth players

> Chapters cover tactics, communication, physical development, leadership, and much more

Making The Ball Roll Book Rating

Making the Ball Roll is the ultimate complete guide to coaching youth soccer.

This focused and easy-to-understand book details training practices and tactics, and goes on to show you how to help young players achieve peak performance through tactical preparation, communication, psychology, and age-specific considerations.

Each chapter covers, in detail, a separate aspect of coaching to give you, the football coach, a broad understanding of youth soccer development. Each topic is brought to life by the stories of real coaches working with real players.

Never before has such a comprehensive guide to coaching soccer been found in the one place. If you are a new coach, or just trying to improve your work with players – and looking to invest in your future – this is a must-read book!

> Analyse how football coaching has dramatically grown and changed over the last decade, and help prepare your players for the modern game

> Understand the age-related development of players: technically, tactically and physically

> Gain an insight into new research around psychology in soccer and the growing effects of social considerations like communication, teamwork, leadership, and rapport

> Consider age-appropriate methods, sessions, and curriculum planning, used by top coaching programmes

> Learn the methods of top coaches like Mourinho, Guardiola, Sir Alex Ferguson and Wenger and apply them to your work with youth players

> Study the methods of top development academies like Barcelona, Liverpool and Atlético Mineiro; and national associations like Germany’s DFB, Holland’s KNVB, the English FA, and US Soccer

Who this youth soccer coaching book is for

This book is for youth coaches, parents, and anyone who is thinking about becoming a football coach. Making The Ball Roll is a comprehensive one-stop-shop, filled with all the information and insights you need, to becoming a top class coach.

Coaching Youth Football Ray power

Coaching Youth Football Amazon Review

Ray’s latest book, and the sequel to Making The Ball Roll.

About Ray Power

Ray Power is a former Academy Coach, Academy Manager and FA Coach Educator. He is now the Technical Director in Tanzania, working alongside Sunderland AFC, and the Tanzanian Football Federation as coach educator and Elite Football Academy manager. Ray also leads extensive talent identification projects in the country. Ray is also a former teacher and author of several other books based around youth soccer development.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Understanding the Argument for Development Over Results
Chapter 2. Understanding the Modern Youth Development Coach
Chapter 3. Understanding Teaching and Learning in Soccer
Chapter 4. Understanding Psychology in Soccer
Chapter 5. Understanding Communication in Soccer
Chapter 6. Understanding Leadership and the Team
Chapter 7. Understanding Age-Specific Development Needs
Chapter 8. Developing a Coaching Philosophy and Syllabus
Chapter 9. Understanding Technical Development and Skill Acquisition
Chapter 10. Understanding the Tactical Development of Soccer Players
Chapter 11. Understanding the Physical Development of Youth Soccer Players
Chapter 12. Understanding the Modern Goalkeeper
Chapter 13. Understanding Talent Identification and Assessment of Players
Chapter 14. Understanding Parents
Chapter 15. Looking in the Mirror First


Developing a Coaching Philosophy and Syllabus in Soccer (Part 1)

Developing a Coaching Philosophy and Syllabus in Soccer (Part 2)

Developing a Coaching Philosophy and Syllabus in Soccer (Part 3)

Author: Ray Power

Published May 1st 2014 | Paperback: 358 pages | £18.99 / $29.99 | ISBN: 978-1-909125-52-0 | Kindle and iBooks

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