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Coaching Youth Football Ray power

Coaching Youth Football: What Soccer Coaches Can Learn From The Professional Game

Coaching Youth Football Amazon Review

Coaching Youth Football is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the international, best-selling soccer coaching book, Making The Ball Roll, by Ray Power.

With the help of dozens of contributors from across the professional, academy, and grassroots games, Ray delves into the art and science of coaching youth football players, using up-to-date studies, methods, and examples across 360 superb pages.

The book covers not only the technical and tactical aspects of training in detail but also looks at the wider aspects of football coaching – including physical, psychological, and social elements – in clear language that will be of value to both expert and less-experienced youth football coaches.

Coaching Youth Football covers the breadth of the game with compelling specifics, and with illustrations from across the football world – bringing together research, stories, best-practice, and a lifetime of experiences within the game. Chapters cover: Long-Term Player Development, Team Building, Modern Playing Positions, Age-Appropriate Coaching, Football Fitness, Small-Sided Games, Growth Mindset, Footballing Intelligence, Tactics, Coach Reflection, and more.

Across more than 340 focused and insightful pages, this book will inspire coaches to be the best versions of themselves, and enable players under their tutelage to be the best versions of themselves.

If you enjoyed Making The Ball Roll, you will love Coaching Youth Football!

N.B. This book has more than 90% unique material but, as a full-on sequel to Making The Ball Roll, please note that some of the first book’s material is re-presented, or readapted, for this title. This was so that effective continuity between the themes, processes, and research of the two books could be achieved.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Chapter 1 – Coaching in the Magic
Chapter 2 – From Participation to Pro
Chapter 3 – The Feet Are Just the Tools
Chapter 4 – A Growth Mindset Environment
Chapter 5 – The Power of Failing
Chapter 6 – Building a Player
Chapter 7 – Psychology in Action
Chapter 8 – Football Fitness
Chapter 9 – Age & Development
Chapter 10 – Football Intelligence
Chapter 11 – The ‘I’ in Team
Chapter 12 – The ‘We’ in Team
Chapter 13 – Modern Playing Positions
Chapter 14 – Modern Team Tactics
Chapter 15 – Small–Sided Games
Chapter 16 – Més que un … Academy
Conclusion – For the Love of the Game

About Ray Power. Ray Power is one of the bestselling football authors in the world. With over a decade of experience working in football and education, coaching players from non-league to Premier League levels, and internationally, he is the author of Making the Ball Roll, and the Deliberate Soccer Practice series.

As a coach developer and educator, Ray has worked for, and consulted with, numerous national FAs, as well as governing bodies from other sports, including the NBA. He also works as a consultant – mentor – educator on a freelance basis, working with grassroots coaches all the way to professional teams.

Author: Ray Power

Published March 2020 | ISBN-13: 9781910515846 | 360 pages in paperback format.

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