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Book Category: Paranormal

Doris Stokes Book

Voices Everywhere: The Mysterious Doris Stokes Effect

Doris Stokes Book - Amazon - Voices Everywhere

Linda Dearsley was Doris Stokes’ ghost. Well, more accurately, she was the ghost-writer for Doris Stokes and worked with her for 10 years to produce-

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Tarot Beginners Guide

Tarot in 5 Minutes: Your Shortcut to Love, Money, and Happiness

Tarot Book Review

Karina Collins is an acclaimed Tarot reader who has helped people, from all walks of life, to better understand their lives’ journeys. Now, she is-

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The Hidden Whisper Parapsychology Book Cover

The Hidden Whisper

The Hidden Whisper Amazon

A paranormal puzzle smoulders in the desert heat of southern Arizona. At the home of Jack and Chloe Monroe-

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