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Doris Stokes Book

Voices Everywhere: The Mysterious Doris Stokes Effect

Doris Stokes Book - Amazon - Voices Everywhere

Linda Dearsley was Doris Stokes’ ghost.

Well, more accurately, she was the ghost-writer for Doris Stokes and worked with her for 10 years to produce 7 books, detailing the great lady’s life.

In Voices Everywhere, Linda shines a light on her time working with Doris, right from the very early days when Doris was doing private readings in her Fulham flat, to filling the London Palladium and Barbican night after night, to subsequent fame outside the UK. Throughout all this, Doris Stokes never became anyone other than who she was: a kind, generous, and down-to-earth woman with an extraordinary gift, and a fondness for a nice cup of tea. January 6th, 2020, would have been Doris’ 100th birthday.

Doris Stokes | Voices Everywhere

Following Doris’ death, Linda chronicles how cynics tried to torpedo the Stokes legacy with accusations of cheating and dishonesty, but how those closest to Doris never believed she was anything other than genuine.

In turn, as the months and years rolled by, more and more intriguing people crossed Linda’s path, each with their own unexplainable power, and Doris never seemed far away. From the palmist who saw pictures in people’s hands, to the couple whose marriage was predicted by Doris, and the woman who believes she captures departed spirits on camera – the mysterious world of the paranormal, and Doris Stokes’ place within it, continues to unfold.

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Author: Linda Dearsley

Due December 3rd 2019 | ISBN-13: 978-1-911121-53-4 | Print and eBook formats will be available.

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Book Categories: Biography and Paranormal.