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Soccer Training Blueprints: 15 Ready-to-Run Sessions for Outstanding Attacking Play

Soccer Training Blueprints: 15 Ready-to-Run Sessions for Outstanding Attacking Play

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Are you a busy coach and time is tight? Would you like to get hands on with ready-to-use session templates quickly? Then this book is for you! Minimizing jargon and looking to maximize the limited contact time you have with your players, Soccer Training Blueprints is a must-read practical book for coaches of all levels.

Utilising a game-based approach to soccer – where individuals actually play games rather than growing old in semi-static drills – author James Jordan offers 15 detailed session plans (comprised of 75 cutting-edge exercises) to help coaches develop attacking mindsets and improved skills in their players, and, most of all, nurture a love for soccer.

Through his approach, James has won six High School State Championships and one Classic 1 Boys’ Club Championship over the past decade.

Aimed at coaches of both young male and female players, from 5-18 years of age, and adaptable depending on age group and skill set, Soccer Training Blueprints combines game-based soccer concepts with contemporary ideas from educational research on training and preparation to develop players who can think for themselves, execute their skills, and work to a plan. This is not about coaches standing on the touchlines yelling at their youngsters – this is about developing footballers to love and play the game as best they can!

What the book offers:

> A specific topic (e.g., creating opportunities from wide areas).

> A detailed overview of the session including instructions on setting up the playing field, what players need to do, and scoring outcomes.

> What players will learn from the session.

> Coaching points for the session.

> Guided discovery questions.

Please Note: This is the sister book to The Volunteer Soccer Coach. If you already have a copy of that book, please do not purchase this one.

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Soccer Coach | James Jordan

James Jordan is an educator and a soccer coach. He holds the NSCAA Premier Diploma, USSF National Youth License, and a Doctorate in Education. Using Game-based Soccer techniques developed over the past decade, his teams (boys and girls) have won six high school state championships and one Classic 1 boys’ club championship.

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Author: by James Jordan

ISBN: 978-1910773321 | May 27th 2016 | Paperback: 134 pages | eBook versions available

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