Scientific Approaches to Goalkeeping in Football: A practical perspective on the most unique position in sport

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Do you coach goalkeepers and want to help them realise their fullest potential? Are you a goalkeeper looking to reach the top of your game? Then search no further and dive into this dedicated goalkeeping resource.

Goalkeeping is a unique and often undervalued role within a football team. It can be a lonely position with exclusive physical, psychological and tactical demands placed upon the person donning the gloves. The man between the sticks must be able to perform a multitude of tasks to prevent goals going in, but also operate so the ‘last line of defence’ becomes the first line of attack.

Written by goalkeeping guru Andy Elleray this book offers a fresh and innovative approach to goalkeeping in football. With a particular emphasis on the development of young goalkeepers, it sheds light on training, player development, match performances, and player analysis. Utilising his own experiences Andy shows the reader various approaches, systems and exercises that will enable goalkeepers to train effectively and appropriately to bring out the very best in them. Practice and theory are merged together to create a highly practical book with its roots in the latest research and thinking.

> Combat issues such as anxiety and nerves by boosting confidence and concentration

> Delve into cutting edge video and performance analysis systems and implementations

> Utilise alternative games-based training methods to bring out the best in goalkeepers

> Develop the physical attributes needed to be a top goalkeeper

> Learn about specific goalkeeping research, including physiology and biomechanics

> Explore training methodologies from around the world

Who this goalkeeping book is for

This book is aimed primarily at coaches and performance analysts who train young goalkeepers between the ages of 9 and 18. However, players of all ages will benefit from the information and advice contained within, and anyone with an interest in goalkeeping, the science behind player development, and innovative coaching will find valuable knowledge and direction in the book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Goalkeeping Psychology
A Goalkeeper’s Life
The Nuts and Bolts
Coping with Anxiety
Decision Making
Concentration and Attention
Goal Setting
Imagery and Visualisation
Dealing with Mistakes
Chapter 2 – Goalkeeping Physiology and Athletic Development
Physical Importance
What Do Goalkeepers Do?
Give Me Energy…
The Physical Demands of Goalkeeping
Starting the Journey
Later on…
Physical Goalkeeping Attributes
Physical Speed & Reaction Time
Test Me!
Injury Prevention
Chapter 3 – Goalkeeping Biomechanics
What is Biomechanics?
Let’s Get Technical
Incorporating Other Sports
Chapter 4 – Goalkeeping Performance & Video Analysis: Part 1
Performance Analysis in General
Why Use Video Analysis?
See the Match Differently
Video Analysis in Training
Real Working Example
Another Example
The iPad
Developing Feedback
Structures of Feedback
Chapter 5 – Goalkeeping Performance & Video Analysis: Part 2
Distribution Systems
Goalkeeper Distribution Analysis System
Explanation of Recording Sheet
Summary of the System
Saving SnapShot
Extra Analysis…
Age Appropriate?
Chapter 6 – Goalkeeping Practice
Coach, when should I be a goalkeeper…?
Goalkeeper Training Spectrum
The Importance of Distribution
Some Other Thoughts…
Chapter 7 – Goalkeeping Research
Goalkeeper Analysis Applied Research
ISPAS World Congress – 2012
ISPAS Presentation Explained
TGfU Based Research
Chapter 8 – Games Based Goalkeeper Training
An Introduction intoTeaching Games for Understanding
The Games
Goalkeeping Bulldog
American Goalkeeper
Coloured Cone Games
Dodgy Keeper!
Circuit Training
Goalkeeper’s Volleyball
Goalkeeper’s Tennis
Goalkeeper’s Tennis (No Hands)
Keeper Combat
Face and Dive
Follow the Keeper
Piggy in the Middle
Back Ball/Knees
Keeper’s Union
Mini Match
Warm Up Goals
Touch Rugby
Keeping with the Hands
Chapter 9 – Games Based Handling and Shot Stopping
Four Goal Game
Triangle Goal Game
Double Team
Quick Attack
The Circle of Saves
Team Keeper
Own Goal
Get To The Next One!
Backwards and Forwards
The Pit
Back to Back
Inside Out
Testing the Angles
Back 2 Goal
Stay in Control!
Beat the Goalie
Ball Out!
Chapter 10 – Games Based Footwork and Distribution
Obstacle Course
Moving Goal
The ‘Footlympics’
Footlympics: Jumping Circuit
Footlympics: Get The Ball
Footlympics: Coloured Feet
Footlympics: Andy Agility Meter
Footlympics: Coloured Batak
Back Pass
No Bounce
Goalkeeper Bowls
Distribution Gates
1v1 Situations
Gate Keeper
Keeper in the Middle
Parallel Goals
Reaction 1 v 1
Goals Galore
Cross Goal
Don’t Cross Me!
Chapter 11 – Training Methodologies and The Future
Goalkeeping in Poland (Daniel Pawlowski)
Spanish Methodology (Iñaki Samaniego)
Vision and Awareness for Goalkeepers (Kevin McGreskin)
Goalkeeping Innovation (Glenn Robertson)
GK Icon (Richard Lee)
Chapter 12 – Conclusion

About Andy Elleray

Andy Elleray is a self-confessed goalkeeping fanatic having worked at all levels of football – within coaching and performance analysis. He holds an honours degree in Sports Science and a Master’s degree in Sports Coaching, he is a UEFA qualified coach and holds the highest accreditation as a performance analyst through ISPAS (The International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport).

Andy has worked at a variety of different professional clubs and within some highly esteemed academies. Assisting top level coaches and creating numerous goalkeeper coaching support and coaching systems, he also conducts goalkeeping research and has previously spoken at high profile goalkeeping conferences and the World Analysis Congress where his research, ideas and approach have been well received. His passion is simply to open up the position of the goalkeeper within the team dynamic and create different ways in which performance can be enhanced and monitored. Scientific Approaches to Goalkeeping in Football is destined to become one of the most talked about goalkeeping books to date – offering a unique perspective of the position.

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Author: Andy Elleray

Book published: March 12, 2013 | Page count: 422 | ISBN 13: 978-1909125018 | £18.99

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