Scientific Approaches to Goalkeeping in Soccer

Scientific Approaches to Goalkeeping in Football: A Practical Perspective on the Most Unique Position in Sport [Second Edition]

Scientific Second Edition

Goalkeeping in football is changing, and scrutiny – in terms of training, support, and on-field actions – has never been higher.

This fully updated, resized, and revised second edition of Scientific Approaches to Goalkeeping in Football builds upon the success of the original 2013 bestseller, offering both theoretical and practical changes that have emerged in the area of goalkeeping over the last few years.

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Written by goalkeeping specialist Andy Elleray, this book offers a 2019 update to his class-leading approach to goalkeeping in football. Focusing, in particular, on young goalkeepers, it sheds light on training, player development, match performances, and player analysis. New methodologies, training approaches, and development considerations are included, along with brand new content on goalkeeping in female football, performance analysis examples, and advances in practice design.

Practice and theory are merged together to create a creative hands-on book with its roots in the latest research and thinking.

> Uncover the latest in training exercises to bring out the best in goalkeepers

> Explore ways in which to design your own training practices

> Learn and explore ways to combat issues such as anxiety and nerves by boosting confidence and concentration

> Utilise performance evaluation techniques to develop goalkeepers better

> A wholly new chapter dedicated to working with female goalkeepers

> Develop the physical attributes needed to be a top goalkeeper

> Learn about specific goalkeeping research and methodologies from other countries

Delve into numerous case studies and approaches used from novice grassroots players right up to senior international goalkeepers. No matter what your involvement in goalkeeping, there is something for everyone in this book!


Andy Elleray is the author of previously published titles including Scientific Approaches to Goalkeeping in Football and 65 Goalkeeper Training Exercises

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Author: Andy Elleray

Published 28 June 2019 | ISBN-13: 9781910773680 | Paperback

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