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The Savvy Traveller - Travel Guide

The Savvy Traveller Survival Guide

World Travel Guide

Travel is one of our favourite activities. From the hustle of bustle of the mega-cities to sleepy mountain towns to the tranquillity and isolation of tropical islands, we love to get out there and explore the world.

But globe-trotting also comes with its pitfalls. Wherever there are travellers, there are swindlers looking to relieve individuals of their money, possessions and sometimes even more. To avoid such troubles, and to get on with enjoyable and fulfilling trips, people need to get smart. This book shows you how.

Travel Tips

The Savvy Traveller Survival Guide offers practical advice on avoiding the scams and hoaxes that can ruin any trip. From no-menu, rigged betting, and scenic taxi tour scams to rental damage, baksheesh, and credit card deceits – this book details scam hotspots, how the scams play out and what you can do to prevent them. The Savvy Traveller Survival Guide will help you develop an awareness and vigilance for high-risk people, activities, and environments.

Forewarned is forearmed!

About the Author

Peter John is a lifelong traveller who dabbles in office work while planning his next trip. He has never knowingly scammed anyone, but has been scammed while he travelled more times than he cares to remember. He hopes that others can learn from his mistakes, which are spelled out in merciless detail in this book.

Note: This title is the 2017 fully-updated edition of the book originally titled “Around The World in 80 Scams”


Chapter 1: Hotels and other accommodation scams

Chapter 2: Transport scams

Chapter 3: Cash, ATM and credit card scams

Chapter 4: Travel agent and travel club scams

Chapter 5: Shopping scams

Chapter 6: Eating, drinking and gambling scams

Chapter 7: Government scams

Chapter 8: E-mail and Internet scams

Chapter 9: Begging and street hustling scams

Chapter 10: Extortion, blackmail and fraud scams

Epilogue: How I try to avoid being scammed

Paris Gold Ring Travel Scam

Delhi Railway Ticket Bureau Scam | India

Author: Peter John

Published: July 1st 2017 | 978-0995697829 | 268 pp print | eBook formats available

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