The Doors Examined

The Doors Examined

Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore. Welcome to the known, the unknown, and the in between. Welcome to The Doors Examined.

The Doors remain one of the most influential and exciting bands in rock ‘n’ roll history, and The Doors Examined offers a unique, expressive insight into the history of the band, their influence on culture, and the group’s journey following the death of Jim Morrison in Paris in 1971. It starts at the beginning, on a Venice Beach rooftop, and takes the reader on an invigorating journey, from The Whisky a Go-Go to the Dinner Key Auditorium, The Ed Sullivan Show to Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Comprised of selected acclaimed articles from The Doors Examiner, The Doors Examined also serves up original content that assesses seminal albums, how the group’s music has influenced other artists, and key people in the band’s history; people like Jac Holzman, Paul Rothchild, Bruce Botnick, and Pam Courson.

The Doors Examined is a must read investigation into one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands of all time.

About The Author

Jim Cherry was born and raised in Chicago, and spent his 20’s in the pursuit of experience as research in the name of art, visiting places such as New Orleans, Los Angeles, Germany, France and Mexico. He now resides in the western suburbs of Chicago. He’s formerly a columnist for, and appeared on, The Rants, Raves and Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine and radio show. He currently writes The Doors Examiner, and has written the novels Becoming Angel, The Last Stage, and the book of short stories Stranger Souls. More information is available at


“The Doors Examined is an astonishingly insightful page-turner. Jim Cherry deconstructs the story of The Doors, examining all facets from every angle, exploring their history and contextualizing their achievements. He not only takes the reader back to the sixties to understand the world in which they were created, but also brings us up to the present day, showing their ongoing reverberations four decades after Jim Morrison checked out. This is a must-read for hardcores and newbies alike; maybe even for the doubters of a band that still compels people to choose sides.” Robert Rodriguez – author of Fab Four FAQ 2.0 and Revolver: How the Beatles Reimagined Rock ‘N’ Roll

“A rich and wide-ranging set of articles from a writer who knows his stuff. Illuminating and informative throughout. An excellent addition to any Doors collection.” Michael Anthony, author of Words and Music: Excursions in the Art of Rock Fandom

“A true Doors expert, Jim Cherry has crafted a remarkable book in The Doors Examined that provides fresh insights into the fascinating saga of The Doors. It’s all here – from the early days on Venice Beach and at the Whisky a Go-Go to a stirring first person account of a visit to Jim Morrison’s grave on the 40th anniversary of his death and everything inbetween. Through it all, Cherry provides irrefutable evidence to show why The Doors are just as relevant today as when Light My Fire skyrocketed up the charts in 1967. Eclectic, informative and eminently enjoyable, The Doors Examined is a must-read for any Doors fan.” Rich Weidman, author of The Doors FAQ  

Author: Jim Cherry

Published: March 19, 2013 | ISBN-13: 978-1909125124 | 240 pages | Print Cover Price: $15.99 / £10.99 | Kindle and iBooks available

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