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Developing Skill 2: A Guide to 3v3 Soccer Coaching

developing skill 2 3v3 football coaching

3v3 football training is gaining serious momentum in the world of coaching. Indeed, at the end of 2019, the German FA stands on the brink of building its next youth player development programme around it.

As players develop, they need to become truly confident with the ball, and the best way to achieve mastery is by maximising their touches on the ball. So, how can we offer lots of interactions with the ball and learn the key principles of the sport? Through triangles, a shape at the heart of football – in both attack and defence – which is comprised of three players.

Peter Prickett returns with the follow-up to his 2018 3v3 bestseller with new practices that link directly into finishing and creating goals. In this sequel to Developing Skill: A Guide to 3v3 Soccer Coaching, the advancement of the core principles of football through small-sided games is explored further. This book’s focus is on the creation and conversion of goal scoring opportunities, as well as deeper dives into session design to help coaches create better practices.

Developing Skill 2: A Guide to 3v3 Soccer Coaching outlines how you can use and incorporate the 3v3 method into your training and provides more than 85 ready-to-use, illustrated practices. It also details how best to run warm-ups, how to work with different pitch sizes and shapes, and much more.

About the author. Peter Prickett is an FA affiliate tutor with a decade of experience coaching with various organisations. He was one of the first coaches in England to obtain the UEFA B Futsal qualification. Peter is currently studying for a Masters in Performance Football Coaching.

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Author: Peter Prickett

Published December 3rd 2019 | ISBN-13: 978-1-911121-77-0 | Print and eBook formats available.

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