Reoffending: A practitioner’s guide to working with offenders and offending behaviour in the Criminal Justice System [Probation]

Reoffending: A practitioner’s guide to working with offenders and offending behaviour in the Criminal Justice System [Probation]

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Many people argue that offending behaviour is one of the most problematic issues in our communities today. An offender’s decision to resort to crime affects people and society on a day-to-day basis and brings significant emotional, physical, and financial costs to bear. The practitioner’s job in the Probation Service and Youth Offending Service is to try and halt offending behaviour and to protect the public from further crime through Pre-Sentence Report recommendations, the implementation of appropriate rehabilitation programmes, and more.

This book is aimed at readers beginning their careers of working with offenders in the Probation Service and Youth Offending Service.  Other professionals, such as the Police Service, homelessness services, and healthcare services will also find valuable and pertinent information covered as working practitioner Jonathan Hussey explores some of the most powerful methods in addressing offending behaviour today.

Reoffending examines how offenders enter the Criminal Justice System, and the working relationship between the offender and the practitioner. It goes on to cover specifics such as working with individuals who misuse substances, domestic abuse, violent offenders, working with sex offenders, and working with offenders with emotional problems.

The book includes tips, focused exercises and case studies that the author and many other professionals have found to be effective in daily practice – shedding some much needed light on the cloud of mystery that surrounds working with offending behaviour.

> Discover the world of practitioners who seek to change some of the most complex criminal behaviours in our communities.

> Explore and learn how to address different types of offending behaviour.

> Build your confidence and gain the proven and powerful knowledge to help change people’s lives.

> Unlock your potential as a budding or current practitioner and learn the basics of breaking the cycle of crime.

> Get the lowdown on how to survive as a professional in the Criminal Justice System.

> Take a step into the offenders’ eyes: learn to see what they see and feel – and improve your practice.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Book
Chapter 1 – Entering the Criminal Justice System
Chapter 2 – The Working Relationship
Chapter 3 – Working with individuals who offend and misuse substances
Chapter 4 – Working with Domestic Abuse
Chapter 5 – Working with Violent Offenders
Chapter 6 – Working with Sex Offenders
Chapter 7 – Working with Offenders with Emotional Problems
Chapter 8 – Tips

About The Author

Jonathan Hussey is one of the most exciting innovators of interventions for rehabilitating offenders today. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Psychology from Loughborough University and a B.A. (Hons) in Community Justice Studies from Portsmouth University, as well as being a fully qualified, experienced, and award winning Probation Officer. Jonathan has worked extensively in the Criminal Justice System, but has specialized in leading roles within the Probation Service and Youth Offending Services. In doing so, Jonathan has assisted and helped change the lives of many offenders, influenced organizational change, and mentored colleagues.

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Author: Jonathan Hussey

Published: 2 November 2012 | ISBN: 978-0-9570511-4-0 | £14.99, 202 pages | Kindle and iBooks

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