2017 Orkney Travel Guide

Orkney Visitor’s Guide 2017

North of the Scottish mainland exist three groups of islands within the United Kingdom: Orkney, Shetland and tiny North Rona. Nearest to the mainland is Orkney, consisting of 67 islands (21 inhabited), with the tip of South Ronaldsay just six miles off the coast. Orkney is one of the most beautiful, welcoming, and interesting places to visit in the UK, and should be top of any traveller’s wish list when visiting North Scotland.

This focused guide details all you need to know when visiting Orkney. Containing up-to-date information from veteran travel writer Lindsey Porter, it includes must-see attractions including St Magnus Cathedral, The Old Man of Hoy, Scapa Flow, the Heart of Neolithic Orkney (UNESCO World Heritage sites), and bird watching reserves. The guide also details how to travel around the islands, highly rated accommodation, island events, shopping, and more. The guide is hyperlinked so that readers can visit related web resources quickly and easily. If you are planning to visit Orkney this year – this 2017 guide is your first stop!

Orkney Travel Guide – Table of Contents

Top tips


Stroma | Getting to Stroma; Accommodation

Swona Island

Orkney Mainland

Kirkwall | Getting to Kirkwall; Things to do; Events; Ferries; Local crafts; Taxis; Tour guides; Accommodation

West Mainland | World Heritage sites; Woodland walks

Exploring West Mainland

Stromness | Activities

East Mainland | Visitor information

South Ronaldsay & the Southern Islands | Visitor information; Things to do; Local crafts

Hoy Island | Visitor information; Places to visit;

Flotta | The attack on HMS Royal Oak; The Longhope Lifeboat Disaster; The Scapa Flow scuttle of the German fleet; Getting there

Shapinsay | Visitor information; Accommodation; Events

Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre

Egilsay Island

Wyre Island

Eynhallow Island | Visitor information; Accommodation on Rousay; Dining; Places to visit; Trails; Tours

Stronsay | Visitor information; Events; Accommodation

Eday | Visitor information; Accommodation; Other

Sanday | Visitor information; Accommodation; Places to visit

Westray | Visitor information; Accommodation; Places to visit

Papa Westray | Visitor information; Accommodation

North Ronaldsay | Visitor information; Accommodation

Appendix A

Author: Lindsey Porter

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