January 11 2024 - This book is now published!

Maximise Your Training Sessions: Football Practices for Ever-Changing Numbers and Spaces

Have you ever planned the perfect football training session only to find half your players have failed to turn up? Or that your training area has been moved at the last minute, and you’re now in half the space? Help is at hand!

Maximise Your Training Sessions is a book for coaches who are looking to design practical and meaningful practices for all coaching situations – whatever last-minute issues get thrown at them.

In this book, Rob McKay – Head Coach of Women’s Football for the University of Manchester – goes through all the things a coach needs to consider before putting on an effective session: from space to players to equipment, right down to the weather! At the same time, it provides an in-depth look at how to create your own principles of play to produce quality and relevant coaching points for your practices.

More than 45 illustrated practices are included, and all of them are designed to be adjustable for player numbers, space, and set-up time.

This practical guide is perfect for both grassroots and experienced coaches looking to enhance their practice design and take their sessions to the next level.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Training Principles

Chapter 3. Playing Principles

Chapter 4. The Build Up Phase

Chapter 5. Defending In The Attacking Third

Chapter 6. Build-Up Third – Practices

Chapter 7. Middle Third In Possession

Chapter 8. Out of Possession – Middle Third

Chapter 9. Middle Third Practices

Chapter 10. In Possession – Final Third

Chapter 11. Out of Possession – Defensive Third

Chapter 12. Final Third Practices

Chapter 13. General Practices

Chapter 14. Conclusion

Author: Rob McKay

Publication date: January 11th 2024 | ISBN-13: 9781915855152 | Print (134pp) and eBook formats will be available.

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