Martians and Morlocks British Science Fiction

Martians, Morlocks and Moon Landings: How British Science Fiction Conquered The World

Science Fiction has long been a part of popular culture. From the colour co-ordinated adventures of Captain Kirk and crew to the city chomping of Godzilla, it is very much a worldwide phenomenon.

And it all started over a century ago – in Britain.

From Victorian literature through to the modern day – Martians, Morlocks and Moon Landings explores the genre’s development through the imaginations of H G Wells, John Wyndham, George Orwell, Nigel Kneale, and many more. It chronicles the creative minds that foresaw lasers, moon landings, and aggressive walking plants. It charts the socio-political climates which gave rise to Orwell’s totalitarian vision, the self-sufficient Survivors, and the cash-strapped Blake’s 7. British Science Fiction is a window into contemporary history, laying bare a nation’s psyche – occasionally by dressing it up in a foam rubber costume and having it pursue actors down a BBC corridor.

Martians, Morlocks and Moon Landings details the influence of British Science Fiction on the world stage and is a must-read resource for anyone with an interest in the genre. Without Wells there would be no Star Wars, without Orwell there would be no Celebrity Big Brother… For good or evil, British Science Fiction has shaped our world. This book shows you how.

About Jamie Austin

Jamie Austin is a teacher based in North Yorkshire. With an M.A. from York University his many claims to fame include a Blue Peter badge, writing contributions for Hollyoaks, and episode victory in The Weakest Link.

Author: Jamie Austin

Published 4 November 2014 | ISBN: 978-1-909125-75-9 | Print and eBook formats | 236 pages | £10.99 (print)

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