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Scientific Approaches to Goalkeeping in Football: Games-Based Goalkeeper Training

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Goalkeeping training in football has long utilised a drill-based approach, often with a major technical focus. But there is an alternative approach; one that centres around specially-designed games that enhance and mould key goalkeeping characteristics.

The Games-Based methodology looks to complement the traditional goalkeeper coaching pathway, and the ideas behind it have stemmed from observations around goalkeepers who are technically and physically proficient, but who lack the decision-making capabilities to transfer their ‘drill-based’ proficiency to the game as a whole. The new approach aims to foster goalkeepers who not only make better decisions, but who are able to become more tactically adaptable, psychologically robust, and socially aware of working with others and how they can affect their team in a positive way.

In this full-colour book, containing 45 illustrated training exercises, goalkeepers will work on areas of their game relevant to their position – without them even knowing it – as they are made to think quickly and do what comes naturally to them. They will learn to cope with new and challenging situations in these games and often how to work in a team to win points or solve a problem. Much of games-based goalkeeper training is designed for coaches who have a large group of goalkeepers to work with. With large numbers, it is tough to do small technical practices in goals because of space constraints and having so many goalkeepers not working.

Before You Buy – Note: This is an updated and revised version of “65 Goalkeeper Training Exercises: Modern Games-Based Soccer Drills for Shot Stopping, Footwork, Distribution, and More”. As such, large parts of each books’ content overlap each another.

About the Author. Andy Elleray holds the prestigious UEFA A Goalkeeping and Advanced Youth Award Goalkeeping Coaching Licenses. He also has a Master’s degree in Sports Coaching. This is Andy’s eighth goalkeeping book and is the latest instalment in the ‘Scientific Approaches to Goalkeeping in Football’ series.

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Publication Date 25 October 2021 | ISBN-13: 978-1-910773-80-2

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