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Deliberate Soccer Practice: 50 Defending Football Exercises to Improve Decision-Making

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We are told that the art of defending is dying. We are told that even large academies neglect it, as it is not ‘technical’ enough.

Based on the concept of Deliberate Practice, and extensive recent research into talent development, this book shows the coach how to organize and deliver effective exercises that teach players how to defend in all situations. With sound principles and an easy-to-understand approach, this book will help you teach your players to defend effectively by absorbing them physically and mentally in the challenges of defending.

Aimed at football coaches of all levels, but with a particular emphasis on coaches who work with youth players, 50 Defending Football Exercises to Improve Decision-Making is comprised of 10 Individual Defending Practices, 10 Small Group Practices, 10 Position-Specific Practices, 14 Single-Sided Games, and 6 Scenario-Based Practices. They are carefully designed to be adaptable to suit the needs of the players you work with; to challenge them and give them decisions to make. The sessions look to make soccer complex and realistically difficult – no passing in queues from one cone to the next with no interference. Crucially, the exercises offer a means to accelerate player development effectively and enjoyably.

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About The Author

Ray Power is a former Academy Coach, Academy Manager and FA Coach Educator. He is now the Technical Director in Tanzania, working alongside Sunderland AFC, and the Tanzanian Football Federation as coach educator and Elite Football Academy manager. Ray also leads extensive talent identification projects in the country. Ray is also a former teacher and author of several other books based around youth soccer development.

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Author: Ray Power

Published January 2016 | 978-1909125780 | 116 pages [A4] print | $13.99

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