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3v3: Inspired By Legends

> The third book in the acclaimed 3v3 football training series

> Written by top coach educator Peter Prickett

> 45+ legendary players detailed and 150 training games

Young footballers love to play, and a lot of inspiration comes from their heroes. The greats of the game all have their own skill sets and signature moves, whether that’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s chop, Neymar’s flick, Lionel Messi’s mazy dribbles, Harry Kane’s deadly finishing, or Trent Alexander-Arnold’s crossing. By focusing on these greats, young players immediately have images in their minds of the task at hand and the skill they are about to execute. They are Inspired By Legends.

As players develop, they need to become truly confident with the ball, and the best way to achieve mastery is by maximising their touches on the ball. So, how can we offer lots of interactions with the ball and learn the key principles of the sport? Through triangles, a shape at the heart of football – in both attack and defence – which is comprised of three players. Indeed, 3v3 is a football training environment that has come ever more to the fore in recent years.

3v3: Inspired By Legends is the latest in Peter Pricket’s 3v3 series of books, and enables coaches to use the examples of footballing greats so players can practise key footballing skills in small-sided environments. Detailing more than 45 players and incorporating 150 illustrated training games, the book combines the advantages of increased touches, heightened decision-making, and greater ball contacts with motivation and inspiration to develop players faster and better. Players want to play like their heroes!

About The Author: Peter Prickett is the international best-selling author of Football’s Principles of Play, Developing Skill: A Guide to 3v3 Soccer Coaching, and Developing Skill 2: A Guide To 3v3 Soccer Coaching. He has over a decade of coaching and coach education experience.

Author: Peter Prickett

Publication date: 1st march 2023 | ISBN: 9781915855015

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