Football Book Gifts for Christmas 2020

Do you need to buy a gift for a football fan? Are you looking for something a bit different? Here at Bennion Kearny, we have three titles that will make the football fan in your life as happy as larry.

One Football, No Nets

One Football No Nets Cover
Amazon - One Football, No Nets

One Football, No Nets by Justin Walley is the extraordinary story of the English coach’s time in Western Zimbabwe coaching the Matabeleland National Team as they competed at the “alternative world cup” – the CONIFA World Football Cup in London. It has been racking up five star reviews – left, right, and centre – and offers an insight into the world of international football which is rarely (if ever) seen.

And – oh yes – Liverpool legend Bruce Grobbelaar makes a large cameo appearance!

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Blowing The Whistle: The Psychology of Football Refereeing

Blowing The Whistle Football Referee Book

Goes on sale in October 2019 | Pre-orders available now

It goes without saying that referees often get it in the neck. Out there, in the middle, making calls which can radically influence the outcome to a game – they are regularly scapegoated when teams lose.

Written by football refereeing expert Stuart Carrington, a whole host of different issues are addressed including:

– Are referees influenced by the crowd?

– Do referees favour the home side?

– Do ‘big name’ players and managers get treated differently?

– Are referees arrogant?

– Why would anyone want to be a referee?

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OOH-AAH: The Bob Booker Story

Bob Booker Footballer Book Cover
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You might not have heard of Bob Booker (he played for Sheffield United and Brentford) but you might have heard the chant – OOH-AAH BOB BOOKAH… I SAY OOH-AAH BOB BOOKAH… – which was later appropriated by Leeds United fans for Eric Cantona. If you haven’t heard of Bob (and his story), you are missing out on a brilliant tale of a player who left everything on the pitch, who played wherever he was asked without complaint, wore every shirt (apart from the goalkeeper’s), and was rewarded by playing or coaching in all four divisions of the Football League. A deserved cult hero who will rekindle even the most cynical person’s love affair with the beautiful game!

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