Sport Psychology Books

Bennion Kearny is a leading publisher of Sport Psychology books. Looking to cover and assist a wide range of disciplines and readers, our books are of value from novice through to expert level. But what exactly is sport psychology? Sport Psychology Sport psychology is a growing discipline, and integral to…

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soccer coaching books

Soccer Coaching Books

Bennion Kearny is one of the world’s leading publishers of soccer coaching books. Offering a wide spectrum of titles that cover soccer practice, soccer tactics, sport psychology, coach development, footballing philosophy, youth soccer, and much more, the company has over 25 titles currently available, in both print and eBook formats,…

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10.4 Interactions | Sales Touch System

B2B Sales Book – 10.4 Interactions

In 2011, Google commissioned a piece of research into how customers make buying decisions and coined the term, ‘Zero Moment of Truth’. [1] The Zero Moment of Truth refers to the period between a stimulus and the consumer making a decision to buy. Based on the research, they found that,…

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Primary School Teacher Survival Guide: An A-Z for the Primary School Teacher

Primary School Teacher – Classroom Management

Classroom management Classroom management is one of the key challenges facing many a teacher. In this excerpt from The New Teacher Survival Guide, learn about authority and the value of praise. Classroom management is not just something that falls into place; it is a learned and developable skill. * From:…

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Goalkeeper Training Exercises

The goalkeeper is often the bedrock to a successful football team. With a capable and confident goalkeeper behind them, a team can play with free-flowing confidence and belief, knowing that their 'back is covered'. Yet, sometimes, goalkeeper training is basic and limited. Andy Elleray is the author of a number…

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Israel and Palestine Book

Israel Palestine Book

Taken from the book Israel and Palestine: The Complete History 39: Black September The (Palestinian Liberation Organisation) PLO was founded in May 1964 and advocated legitimate resistance to Israel in the Occupied Territories. Exiled into neighbouring lands, the Palestinians launched cross-border raids from Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. In 1967, there…

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